The joys of cold-work….

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With coronavirus lockdown putting a temporary halt to my glass blowing classes, I have reluctantly switched the furnace off…

…and I have a confession “I do not like cold-work”.

…the joys of hot work!

For me the delight in glass blowing lies solely in the hot-work; sweltering in front of a glowing furnace, manipulating the molten material to create something new and exciting.

Siddy Langley gathering molten glass from the furnace
..but even I must grudgingly acknowledge the rewards of cold-work

Recently I have been very disciplined and am concentrating on all the essential grinding and polishing that puts the finishing touch to my pieces. I have “finished” quite a few scent bottles; some of which were made many months ago and have been waiting patiently to be noticed!

Here is a selection of some that I have finished in the last few days.