Is lockdown turning you to drink?

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..this might just cure you!

Many years ago, on a trip across the USA following my 1990 Exhibition in Yokohama, I visited the wonderful Corning Glass Museum.

Included in an exhibit of 18th century ale glasses the Museum displayed this wonderful old recipe which describes the making of strong ale from the hideous pollution present in Thames River water at that time.

old picture of drunken 18th century sailors

To make strong ale

“Thames-water taken up about Greenwich at low-water when it is free from all brackishness of the sea, and has in it all the Fat and Sullage from this Great City of London, makes very Strong Drink. It will of itself ferment wonderfully and after its due purgations and three times stinking it will be so strong that several Sea Commanders have told me that it has often fuddled their Murriners”

Brewers Guide   London  1702

I have to ask: “…would you want to drink it after three times stinking?”

4 Responses

  1. Sioban Osborne

    “fuddled their Murriners” – love it. Enjoying the blog and the interesting stories.

    • admin

      Thank you Sioban. I love this quote too!

  2. Simon

    For a while, I was drinking a little bit more than usual, but back to normal levels now.

    • admin

      Me too! Being “fuddled” does sound quite an attractive prospect but even during lockdown I’m not sure I would be able to stomach this particular Thames Water concoction.