Siddy works in the glorious Devon countryside just outside Cullompton. In 2012, she embarked on the mammoth task of replacing her old workshop and constructing a new eco house and studio.

Still a “work in progress”, the house is now almost finished and Siddy has achieved her aim of providing the domestic heating and hot water from the waste heat generated by the glass making process.

Siddy Langley's new eco-build nestling into the hillside
The new eco house and studio nestling into the hillside

Siddy’s inspiration has always come from nature and travel. Her camera is never far away, whether scuba diving in Sinai, dog walking in the woods or quietly sitting by her pond observing the dragonflies emerge. She is often to be found, working on the hot glass, with a photo for reference on the bench beside her.

Traditionally, glass blowing has been regarded as a team activity and many glassmakers consider it impossible to work alone.

Siddy, however, prefers to work “solo” and has devised ways of working which eliminate the need for a team or even an assistant. This makes for unique pieces of glass work.

Siddy working at the furnace
Siddy working at the furnace.
Despite choosing to work on her own, Siddy is almost never completely alone in her studio!
Siddy trying to blow glass with two huge labradoodle dogs lying in front of the gloryhole
  • Dogs and the workplace – Health and Safety look away now!
  • Dogs want to be near you – preferably under your feet
  • Dogs love the warmth. – preferably right in front of the furnace
  • Dogs take their guard duties very seriously – they would prefer to have you in sight at all times
  • Even though they are somewhat of an obstacle in a glass blowing studio, I wouldn’t be without my dogs. They are a welcome addition and keep me company while I’m working”